In this volume of Rich Kits I will be covering all the basics of Adwords and Adsense as well as some of the best ways to optimize them and use them to make monthly income. Adsense and Adwords are 2 different programs offered by Google. They are both free to sign up and both can make you money. In order to understand one, you must understand the other. Please read both the AdWords AND AdSense sections below.


If somebody has a website or a product they are selling, they will have to advertise in order to get the customer's attention. That's common sense right? Well let's say Joey has a bicycle shop and he wants to start selling bicycles online. He can sell bicycles on Ebay, sure. Ebay is a good way to sell items because there is so many people who use Ebay and if someone finds Joey's bicycles on Ebay, there's a great chance that he will sell one because that person was already looking for bicycles, or they would not have come across Joey's bicycles in the first place. But Ebay fees are getting more and more expensive. It's getting harder to make a profit on Ebay. Well that's why we have adsense and adwords....

With AdWords, a person like Joey can advertise his bicycles on the internet and get noticed by customers who are looking on the internet for bicycles. Basically, Joey pays Google to advertise his bicycles in Google results. So if somebody goes to and searches for "bicycles", Joey's ad appears. When somebody clicks on Joey's ad, they are brought to Joey's website and Joey pays Google for the click. Joey does not have to pay Google everytime Google shows Joey's ads. He only has to pay when a person clicks on the ad. Joey tells Google how much he is willing to pay for each click (Most people pay between .10 cents and .60 cents for each click). In the picture below, I have shown you actual adwords ads and people who's ads I saw when I searched for "bicycle" on Google.

The reason why Joey's ad would show up in Google search results when I search for the word "bicycle" is because Joey chose that word. Joey can choose many words and phrases that he thinks people will search for on Google. He obviously chose the word "bicycle" because that'swhat he is selling and that's what kind of customers he wants to attract. Joey made a large list of words and phrases and told Google to display his ad for all those words and phrases. Joey's list of words and phrases might include the following: "Bicycle, Bicycles for Sale, Bicycle Parts, Where to Buy Bicycles, Florida Bicycles (If Joeys shop is in Florida, this phrase might help him)". These are called Keywords.I will explain more about AdWords in detail later in this guide........


Let's say Alicia wants to make money but she doesn't own a bicycle shop like Joey. She doesn't own anything really. Alicia has a website, but nothing to sell. How can she still make money? Alicia can sign up for a free AdSense account! See, Joey pays Google. Google shows Joey's ads in it's search results and if someone clicks on Joey's ad, Joey has to pay Google. Well Google also shows Joey's ad on Alicia's website. When Alicia signed up for AdSense, Google gave her a special html code (If you don't understand html. you can learn the basics at, Alicia copied this html code that Google gave her and she inserted it into her website. Now, when somebody goes to Alicia's website, it is still her normal website, but there are Google ads to the right. Let's say Alicia made a website about bicycles. Her website is just information that she wrote about bicycles. Maybe Alicia likes to talk about bicycles and knows a little about them.

So Alicia makes this website, and puts Google ads on her website. Now when somebody visits Alicia's website and clicks on one of those ads, Google will pay Alicia some money. Alicia's website might have Joey's ads on there since Joey told Google he wants to advertise bicycles and Alicia's website is all about bicycles. So Joey's ad is on Alicia's website. Somebody goes to Alicia's website, reads about bicycles and then sees Joey's ad to the right or left of the screen. That person clicks on Joey's ad and it brings that person to Joey's website. Joey pays Google .55 cents for the click and Google pays Alicia .25 cents. Most people make between .03 and .32 cents for adsense clicks, but many people have made much more than that per click. Imagine if Alicia's site has many visitors. If 16 people a day clicked on ads on Alicias website and they all payed .25 cents, Alicia would make $4 a day.

Google would send Alicia a check each month for $120! I know what you're thinking but don't even think about it. You can't click on your own ads. People have tried this and they have even created programs that click on the ads so they wouldn't get caught but they always get caught. They call this "click fraud" and it's illegal. Be careful to never click on your own ads or you might get your AdSense account suspended and they will not pay you if they can prove it. In the picture below, you can see what Google ads look like when somebody has a website and places AdSense ads on their website.

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