How to Make Money

You can choose one of the methods below or you can do them all, they can all make you regular income.Some of these are common sense but I wanted to cover every possible method I know of to make it easy for beginners.

With AdWords
First Way: Create a Website with products to sell and Advertise using AdWords.
Second Way: Create a Website with affiliate products to sell and Advertise using AdWords.
(If you want to know the best ways to make money from affiliate products, please check out Rich Kits -Volume 3)

With AdSense
First Way: Create a Website , add AdSense to it and send people to the website by building traffic. (If you have no idea of what type of website to build, check the section later in this guide titled "Adsense Bonus Advice: Building Website Directories from Free Information".

Second Way: Create an informational Website, learn how to add AdSense to each page for your customer and sell it on Ebay as an "AdSense Website". Advertise it on as a way for customers to make money with a ready made website so they do not need to design any web pages or anything. (The customer would have to give you their AdSense Html Coding after they purchase from you on Ebay so you could insert it in their website for them) See the picture below to see live Ebay listings I came across or click HERE to see for yourself some recent ebay sales.

How to Make Money from a Combination of both Adsense and Adwords Together:

Arbitrage is when you use AdSense along with AdWords to make money using both of them at the same time. You make money from the money difference. Let's say you have a website about bicycles like Alicia does. Just an informational website that does not have any real products for sale. Let's say Alicia signs up for both AdWords and AdSense and then adds AdSense to her website. Lets say the average ad on Alicia's website earns her .25 cents a click. Well the point here is for Alicia to pay for her own traffic. Alicia can advertise her website by using adwords and paying Google for clicks. When people click on Alicia's ad, it will bring them to her website. Maybe those people will get bored with Alicia's website real quickly and click on one of the AdSense ads that Alicia has placed on her website. Cha-Ching! Alicia just made .25 cents.

If Alicia can figure out how to get cheap clicks using AdWords, she could make alot of money. She could pay google .05 cents a click. If 3 people click on Alicia's ads and go to Alicia's website and only 1 of those people clicks on her AdSense ads, then Alicia just made .10 cents doing nothing. Alicia had to pay for AdWords clicks which cost her .15 cents total because 3 people clicked on her ads and it was .05 cents for each click. So it cost .15 cents to bring 3 people to her website, but 1 of those people clicked on Joey's ads on Alicia's website, so Joey payed google .52 cents and Google payed Alicia .25 cents for that 1 click. Joey was willing to pay Google much more than .05 cents for clicks on his ads because Joey probably makes alot of money on each bicycle sale and Joey probably used more expensive Keywords for his ads. Alicia was able to get a .05 cents per click deal with Google by following the techniques I discuss in this guide in the section below titled "AdWords Tricks".

So she spent .15 cents to make .25 cents... not bad..Imagine this on a much larger level. Now you understand how Arbitrage works. Certain Keywords pay better than others. A website about law firms or credit cards is going to pay alot more in AdSense clicks than a website about bicycles. Mainly because Advertisers are willing to pay more for those kind of customers because if those customers turn into sales, those sales are alot bigger than selling a cheap bicycle. But it will cost more to advertise with AdWords. So you have to find a way around that. Find a way to advertise your website about credit cards, cheaply. Below, under "AdWords Tricks", I explain how to do this. The adsense ads on a credit cards website are related to credit cards and banks so they might pay $2.00 a click or more for some of them. If you can get visitors to your website for only .05 cents a click and one of them clicks on your AdSense ads.....Cha-Ching!

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