Example of a Pay Per Sign Up Program:
There are many programs out there which pay you when you send people who sign up for something or join something. Some companies will actually pay you up front more than what the customer you send spends when they first sign up because those companies assume that they will be able to keep the customer and get more sales out of them in the long run (Example: websites which members have to pay a membership fee every month).

Tiered Structure:
Some companies with sign-up affiliate programs also offer a tiered structure such as . What I mean by tiered structure is this....Let's pretend you have a friend named Bill. You tell Bill that you are making money by promoting CashCrate.You explain to Bill that if Bill can get people to join CashCrate, then he can make alot of money. Well the way a tiered structure works is that you will get paid a certain percentage of whatever Bill makes, and also you will get paid a certain percentage of what Bill's referrals make. If Bill sends 20 people to sign up at CashCrate, Bill gets paid 20% of whatever his 20 referrals make since he referred them. You make 20% of whatever Bill makes, but you also make 10% of whatever Bill's referrals make as a bonus. This type of affiliate program is often referred to as a Pyramid Scheme. But the only people who think it's a "scheme" and something you will not make money from, are the people who have never tried it. This is how many legitimate businesses operate and how many people make their monthly income.

The Trick

There really is no trick for this method because this type of affiliate program practically sells itself because you are offering people a way to make money and everybody will sign up for that because everybody wants to make money. But one of the best ways I found to market this kind of affiliate program and get people to sign up is to go into chat rooms such as or, make your screen name something like "RichGuy" or "WorkingFromHomeGirl", then add the link to your profile or just mention it in the chat. People will see your link in the chat room and go to the address by copying and pasting the address in their url address bar. Many chat rooms allow you to add links to your profile. So you could go into chat rooms and type something like "hey everybody, im making lots of money on the internet, look in my profile to see how". People will go into your profile and click on your affiliate link and you will get paid if they sign up. But you don't want to just come out and say it like that. You don't want to make it so obvious that you are promoting something. So maybe chat with people in the chat room for 5 minutes about something else and then post the link or mention how to make money AFTER you have already gotten friendly with the people in the chat.

Warning: Although it is not against the law, it is against many chat rooms policies to allow you to drop links in the chator promote anything in the chat. Because of this, you may get kicked or banned from a website for doing this. Most ofthe time when thishappens, they will ban your ip. Your IP Address is a number your modem has. When you go into a chat room,the website where the chat room is makes a record of your IP Address. So if you try to go back into a chat where you have been banned from, they can see your ip address and keep you out of the chat. IP bans usually only last for 24 hours but sometimes they are permanent.

There are lots of sneaky ways to change your ip if you need to get back into chat rooms after being banned. One way is to use an anonymous ip proxy to "mask" your ip, such as A proxy program is a program that will hide your ip from most websites and give you another ip so chat rooms and web sites can't tell that it's you after you have been kicked or banned. I have never needed touse a proxy because if I drop links, it's only a few a day and they usually do not ban me for that because they do notrealize that I am promoting affiliate links. A spammer is somebody who joins chat rooms or websites just to promote a product. Nobody likes a spammer so please try to use good judgement and don't go overboard if you are promoting in chat rooms or other sites. Many affiliate companies will not pay you if they catch you spamming somewhere. Most of them don't really care if you spam or not, but they use this as an excuse to not pay you what they owe you so checkthe Terms of Service for any affiliate programs you sign up for to see what their rules are.

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