Chapter 6

The Tricks

Pump and Park

This is the oldest trick in the book and the most obvious one as well. "Pump and Park" occurs when somebody builds up backlinks or traffic somehow BEFORE they park it. You can buy a domain name and buy cheap hosting, then make a simple webpage for your domain or a blank page and start sending people there, then take the website down,wait a few weeks just to make sure you are in the clear (with your parking company), and park it with a parking company. Now all that traffic you just built up is going to a parked page with ads on it and you will get paid when people click on the ads.Many people feel that it's a waste to send traffic to a parked page though. Myself included. This is the easiest way to make money from traffic, but not necessarily the best. If you have any motivation (which you obviously do because you are taking the time to read this guide), I recommend you learn about affiliate programs in order to fully cash in on any traffic you have going to a domain or create your own product to sell on your own website. Parking is definately the easiest way to cash inon traffic though. Sometimes people get frustrated when they get to a parked page, and they will click on ads they are not even interested in, just to leave the page quickly. That just means more money for you everytime they click.

How to Find Good Type-In Traffic Names - Build a Type-In Empire:

One of the best kept secrets in the domain industry is "Domain Tasting". Not too many people talk about it, but they all do it. Domain Tasting takes all the risk out of parking and allows you to "try before you buy". There's a few companies I know of that will allow you to refund a domain within a certain amount of days from the purchase date. You don't have to call them up or explain why you needed it refunded. Just purchasethe domain, park it for a few days and if you are not receiving type-in traffic and clicks, simply refund it and purchase another one. The easiest place that I have found to do this is . Dynadot allows you to refund your domain within the Grace Period (I believe it's 5 days but you might want to check to make sure since websites change with time). The only catch is that they do not actually refund your money, they give you credit towards buying your next domain. Plus they charge you a $2.00 fee now for each domain you refund, and sometimes you may not get the refund if lots of other people have refunded theirs too that day(but that rarely happens). so all you have to do is keep buying domains with the same original funds you used to purchase your first domain. To refund a domain, simply log in to Dynadot with your username and password , then click on the link at the top of the main screen which reads "Account Area".

Now checkmark the domain you want to refund and choose "Request Deletion". The Grace period is how long you have before you lose the option of refunding your domain. Either instantly, or sometimes in a few hours, the domain will be deleted from your account and the money will be credited so you can use it to purchase another domain. It only takes 1 day to realize if a domain is worth keeping or not. If you are not receiving traffic within the first day, refund the domain for credit and use the credit to buy your next domain. Good Idea huh!? I knew you'd like it!

Misspellings and Other Ways to Find Great Type-In Traffic:

When choosing a domain name that may have type-in traffic, there are many different things to consider. It's hard to tell why a domain name might get type-in traffic but sometimes it's easy to figure out why. Misspellings happen all the is a very popular website, so it's no surprise that and are taken. Imagine how many peoplevisit Ebay everyday. Imagine how many of those people type in "" instead of going to google and searching for "ebay". Now imagine how many of those people typing in, misspell it everday...LOTS! is great because the "a" in Ebay is right next to the "s" on a computer keyboard. Imagine if you had those names and parked them....Cha-Ching!!! Misspellings can be very lucrative and everyday there is new products or popular name brands invented or created on the internet with millions of visitors typing in their domain names in their address barsand misspelling them.

One of the most successful people in the domain investing industry has used alot of tricks and loopholes to get where he is. To avoid any lawsuits, I won't mention any names but this guy owns alot of noteworthy domains that are worth millions each. One of the tricks he came up with was using country codes, in combination with misspellings. He found out that the extension for the country of Cameroon was .cm. Well supposedly the only people who can register .cm are residents of the country Cameroon. Somehow, this domain investor found a way to work out a deal with the government of Cameroon even thoughhe is an american resident. He somehow got them to allow him to redirect names that are not registered, to his parked page. The most popular domains have the extension ".com" after them. So imagine how many people misspell that and type ".cm" instead. So if nobody in Cameroon registered the domain "" and I own "", that would mean that this domaininvestor is making money off of my name because if people misspell my domain name and type in "", it will bring themto his parked page. If they click on one of the ads on his parked page, he will get paid and I am sure he is giving most of the profits to the government of Cameroon or whoever the registry is for the ".cm" extension. Every name that is not registered with ".cm", goes to this domain investor's parked page.

Predicting Trends

Another great way to find instant money making domain names to park is to predict the future....well kind of. Imagine if a sport was just invented or a new type of music or a new television show. Imagine if you owned before hip hop became as popular as it did or Emo just recently became a popular form of music. What if you saw a commercial for a movie coming out and the people who directed the movie, forgot to register the domain name? Sometimes this can be dangerous because if you choose a domain name that is trademarked and you try to profit from it, you can be sued if the people who own trademark really want that name, so be careful. If you register a domain name that you thinksomebody might try to trademark, trademark it first. You can get a trademark on phrases/domain names at . Sometimes, the people who are directing the movie might actually dig into their pockets and purchase the name from the person owning the domain. Sometimes even if the movie directors own trademarks on the word or phrase or title the domain refers to...This is a domain investor's dream come true and it actually happens very often.....

Bulk Registration Technique

A great tool for registering good domain names is to use GoDaddy's Bulk Registration ToolThis allows you to quickly check multiple domain names to see which ones are available for registration. Below is instructions for an easy technique I use to compile lists of domains to check using the bulk registration tool. First I open notepad or wordpad and then I make 2 lists of keywords. In this example I have chosen to use the states of america for 1 list and I have chosen certain keywords such as "homes" and "lawyers" for the second list. I highlight the word "homes" to copy it (To Copy easily: Hold down the CTRL key and hit the "C" key to copy).

Then I paste the word "homes" after each state (To Paste easily: Hold down the CTRL key and hit the "V" key to paste).
Then I highlight the list I just made and copy it (Again, Hold down the CTRL key and hit the "C" key to copy).

Then I go to and choose "Domains" in the upper left part of the screen and then I choose "Bulk Register" from the down down menu.

Now I paste the list into the big white box and choose which extension (.com, .net, etc.) I want, then I type in the Access Code and click "Go".

If any of the names are available, it will let me know. If they are taken, it will tell me that they are unavailable and it will remove them from the list.Now I will repeat this process but instead of adding the word "homes" at the end of each state, I might try "lawyers" now or "fun". You get the point.

Domain Redirects (Fowarding)

Let's say you have the domain And you have been advertising the name for awhile but you suddenly decided you don't like the name anymore. So you register a new domain name (Just as an example, let's pretend your new domain name is called "".) But you still have traffic going to Well with domain fowarding (Also known as a redirect), y ou can send all of traffic to the new domain. When people type in "" or click on a link for, it will send them to instead. Pretty cool huh!? Below are the instructions on how to do this (I've used GoDaddy as an example but you can do this with pretty much any registrar).

To redirect a domain, log in to your GoDaddy account and go to "My Domains". Click on "Forward" on the menu at the top of the screen

Now click the "Enabled" option to enable forwarding. Then where it says "Forward To:" type in the domain you would like to foward this domain to. After that, choose the "302 Moved Temporarily" option. Now click the "OK" button at the bottom to confirm the changes.

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