Welcome to RichKits.com. I'm CJ, and If you're a motivated person, I will show how to make money online, absolutely free. I see people online, always asking on forums "How can I work from home?" or "Does anybody know where I can find online jobs?". It is definitely possible to work from home, but forget about online jobs, that's my first advice.

There are no online jobs. The only way to make money on the internet is through yourself, not through an employer. Any websites you find that advertise themselves as online employers, are scams. Any sites you find that say you can make good money with paid surveys, or paid to click programs....are scams. I know, because I fell for the same scams many times.

While not everybody is after your money. Some websites are after your time. Some websites may let you fill out surveys completely free, and pay you once you completed the surveys. But you are wasting your time. Sure, they may pay you .20 cents a survey, but how long does it take to fill that survey out? Probably about 10 minutes. So you're only making around $1.00 an hour. Does that seem worth it? Imagine if you spend 8 hours filling out surveys. How much money would that make you? Maybe $10!? That's a waste of time, and time is money. If you spent that time in other, more productive ways, you would actually be making real money online.

So if you want a work from home job, I mean REALLY work from home, not waste your time making peanuts.....then read my guides on How to Make Money Online, and put your motivation into it, and it will pay off in the long run.