Question: How can affiliate companies tell if somebody is spamming?

Answer: 2 ways - Google & Complaints.

Sometimes affiliate companies check google to see what websites you dropped links on. For example, let's pretend that you sign up for and they give you your affiliate link to promote. Your affiliate link is Now you take that link and post it on different websites. When CashCrate is getting ready to send out your monthly check,they may go to and search for to find all the websites where you posted that link. This is not very common but it happens. I post links all the time and I have never had an affiliate company not pay me for that but I have heard of it happening to other people. They rarely check up on you, but this also depends on what affiliate companies you are promoting. Some are more stricter than others.

On the contrary, there are also many affiliate companies out there that encourage people to post links in forums and chats.


This is a very rare situation. Let's pretend you go into a chat room and post your link in the chat room, hoping people will click on your link. Let's pretend the chat room has a chat moderator. Most chat rooms have these people. Chat moderators, also known as Ops, are volunteers who monitor chat rooms and ban people who break the chat room rules. Well if an Op (or anybody in the chat) complains to your affiliate company that you were posting links in the chat, then your affiliate company may not pay you. But this is such a rarity, it's not even worth worrying about. Most chat moderators or people chatting in a chat room would never even think about doing this or waste their time. Most of them have enough fun banning you from the chat and that alone brings them enough satisfaction.

Question: Is there any ways to promote affiliates without spamming?
Answer: There are many techniques to do this without spamming.
One of the best ways is to create a mailing list. You can make a website , build traffic to it, and add an option on your website where people can sign up for a mailing list (Google "website mailing list" to find a program you like or coding for your website to collect peoples email addresses). If you are creative, there are millions of ways to build up a mailing list. One of the ways alot of people do it is they will sell downloadable items on onlineauction, ebay, or any of the other auction sites for 1 penny or just give them away for free. Ebay has a dumb rule that you must list downloadable items in their classified section. To do this, you must provide an email address. Customers will email you and then you can reply back to them by using an email automation program or just manually replying back by sending them an email.

Ebay wasn't very smart when they made this rule because now we can set up a classified ad for $10. It will last for 30 days and you don't have to pay anything else after the initial $10. So now for $10 we can collect emails for an entire month off of one product. Just list it in a classified ad and the ad never disappears no matter how many people show interest and email you. Before classified ads, you had to pay extra for listing multiple quantities of an item. Now you can list millions of the same ebook for only $10. Just provide your email address and you can collect thousands of emails or affiliate customers in 1 month off of 1 item. You can attach ebooks to emails. So when customers send you an email and express interest in your "free" ebook or 1 cent ebook, you collect their email address after they send you the email and then send them back the ebook. Once a customer purchases something from you on ebay or sends you an email, you can add them to a mailing list unless they tell you not to. If a customer tells you to take them off of a mailing list, you must do so, by law.

It is illegal to send bulk mail to people when they tell you to stop sending it to them (It's also just rude, so please don't do this, nobody likes unwanted junk mail in their email inbox everyday). Very few people will actually ask to be taken off the mailing list. So sell lots of items on ebay for really cheap prices so lots of people will buy it or give it away for free, then collect all their emails from your paypal account and then you can send out an email to all of them at once by adding all their names to the "TO:" section of the email, with a comma seperating each name (example TO:,, In the email, you can add your affiliate link now and say something like "Hey, thanks for purchasing items from me on ebay, I just wanted to share this with you. It's called cashcrate.

It's a good way to make money so click on the link if you are interested." The trick is to make an ebook or other downloadable item that relates to your affiliate link so you are sending the emails to people that already interested in that subject. For example, you can write a short 1 or 2 page ebook giving advice on how to repair bad credit and s ell it (or give it away) as "How to Repair Bad Credit - Tips & Tricks". Then, in the same email or in a seperate email, you can also include an affiliate link for a financial company that helps with bad credit or sells a product related to bad credit.

To find these kinds of companies, you could just check the financial/banking section of or Find the company that pays the most for referalls and start promoting something of theirs. This system works best if you send the affiliate link in a seperate email a few days after you send the original item because people are more trusting of you now because they purchased something from you on OnlineAuction or ebay. They feel that you are trustworthy because you delivered it and it was free or the cheap price you advertised it for. So they are more inclined to click on the link and check it out than people who you have never done business with.

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